Casual Luxe

One of my absolute favorite items to wear for fall/winter is the faux fur vest.  I always come across it in so many styles and colors. When I’m hanging out on a cool fall day with family or friends, I like to dress casual luxe.  A faux fur vest is the perfect luxe statement piece to add to a casual look.  It’s a no-brainer OOTD.  The look I’ve created in this set includes distressed jeans, a turtleneck and a pair of stylish booties.  If you want to learn more about the items in this look, go to my Polyvore page here:  Don’t be moved by the prices of some of the items.  You can easily duplicate this look on an affordable budget.  I currently own three faux fur vests (black, brown and navy blue) and each cost less than $30 bucks!  I am on a mission to add to my fabulous collection this season as well…I’ve already spotted one similar to the one here in this set and have seen another at TJ Maxx in burgundy…YESSS!!!  Stay tuned for upcoming posts and pics of my fab collection. #fauxfurvest #distressedjeans #turtleneck #casualluxe #Polyvore #TJMaxx


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