Breakin’ All The Rules

“I say dress to please yourself.  Listen to your inner muse and take a chance.  Wear something that says ‘Here I am!’ today.” ~ Iris Apfel (Age 94)

Recently, while on Pinterest, I came across some fabulous photos of women 50 and over who exemplify ageless style.  I also came across an interesting post that included “10 Rules for Life After 50.”  I couldn’t help but shake my head while reading these rules, because the photos of these fabulous women over 50 have broken all of them!  And I love it!  These women are living by their own rules when it comes to ageless style.  I’m sending them a virtual big applause with a standing ovation!  👏👏👏  Here are the rules and the women who broke them:

Broken Rule #1 – Don’t wear your hair longer than your collarbone.

My take:  Long gray hair can be done if you know how.  It’s all about keeping it fresh and in a up to date style.

Long Hair

Broken Rule #2 – No red lipstick, unless you have dark or olive skin.  It’s aging.

My take:  It’s about how you wear it.  I like the way she wears it to pop well with her turquoise accessories.

Red Lipstick

Broken Rule #3 –  No blue jeans to dinner out.  (But black jeans are okay).

My take:  The croc handbag and silver open-toe slingback back heels makes her jean look go from just casual to casual luxe!  Great look for dinner out!

Blue Jeans

Broken Rule #4 – Don’t expose your knees.  And cover up…A woman between 40 and forever looks great because she has style, not because she shows off her body.

My take:  Puh-lease! If you’ve got it, show it!  And it can be done tastefully.


Broken Rule #5 – Don’t ever wear anything strapless.

My take:  Same reply as Broken Rule #4.  Plus, I just had to add my style icon, Marjorie Harvey!  Yesss, Marjorie.  Show them how it’s done!


Broken Rule #6 – But at the beach, if you have a toned body, rock that bikini for as long as you like.

My take:  They actually did right with this rule…I saw this photo and thought this lady is a perfect representation.  She is Ernestine Shepard, 79 year-old bodybuilder).  She Rocks!


Broken Rule #7 – No miniskirts.  A short skirt is okay with black tights.

My take:  Love the look and color combo of navy and lavender.  And notice the tights are lavender, not black!


Broken Rule #8 – Don’t ever revisit a trend you lived through once before.

My take:  Ha!  She went straight 80’s Hip Hop!

Revisiting the Trend

Broken Rule #9 – Don’t wear hats, except to keep the sun off your face.  A hat makes you look as if you’re trying to get noticed.

My take:  Wear the hat and get noticed!  And she’s not waiting to wear it on a sunny day either.

Wear the Hat

Broken Rule #10 – Wear fewer accessories, and keep your look clean.

My take: Do you!  Accessorize until your heart’s content!  This is ageless style icon, Iris Apfel who is 94 years young!



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