V❤Day 2015 – Styled by RaRa⭐

Hello!  I’m back!  Wow, have I been busy?!  I don’t like it when too many days go by before I can post.  Anyway, with Valentine’s Day soon approaching I thought it would be great to create a look for that special day.  And, as I promised from my first post for 2015, I have created one look that is Uptown Nice and a similar look at a Downtown Price.  If you’re stepping out for this Valentine’s Day and need a fabulous look, then I hope this look I created will inspire you.  The Uptown Nice look features both dress ($2,195) and shoe ($1,025) by none other than Alexander McQueen. The Downtown Price look features the dress by Ted Baker ($245) and shoe by Windsor ($35).   With the bold detail prints and rich Valentine’s day colors in these dresses paired with a fabulous suede cutout heel, your style will definitely turn heads on this especially romantic day!  For more details about the items in this look go here.  Wishing you love and happiness! ❤💕💘


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