In the Midst of Our Mistakes

Hello Followers!  If you could live your life free of mistakes, would you be the same person?  Do you allow your mistakes to cloud your mind with thoughts of defeat, failure and worthlessness?  Or do you brush yourself off, own up to it and then kept it moving?  After hearing about the mistake Steve Harvey made last night by announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant and then seeing how he took responsibility, I really felt the need to share my thoughts.  Personally, Steve was a prime example of being a good example of how you handle a mistake whether it be in the public or private eye.   He gets my utmost respect because in spite of all the huge success that he has made over the past several years, he didn’t compromise his integrity.  He courageously admitted his error and apologized.  Bottom line, that’s a person who knows where his true source of success comes from.  See, when you know that God’s got your back and that He is the source of your success, you are not going to be moved by what people think.  This is one of the most valuable lessons that I am learning more and more in my life everyday because it’s a given that we are going to make mistakes along the way.  However, God designed each of us with a purpose to fulfill and mistakes are not powerful enough to erase our God-given destiny.  It’s very tempting to want to give up in those moments and feel as if we’ve just blown the chance of ever winning again in life.  No, no, no my dear that is not true.  God’s only outcome is for us to win.  I’m not saying that we won’t experience moments of defeat…mind you, those moments are temporary.  The ultimate and final destination is winning.  I am now at a place where I am just yielding in total surrender to forgiving myself when I make mistakes.  You have to do it on purpose and pull back in that moment of beating yourself up and remember that that purpose is bigger than you. That purpose was designed and ordained for you to fulfill even before you arrived into this world.  So, you must get over yourself, face it head on by taking responsibility and move forward because you are needed.  You matter.  I was blessed recently when I witnessed this in action by someone I will always consider very dear to me.  In that moment, I was thinking this is how it should always be.  We alllll make mistakes!  Yeah, this is the hard stuff that we don’t like to deal with because it comes with coming out of our comfort zone and the need to go into self-preservation mode.  But God’s best is that we embrace the lesson and keep it moving.  No matter how awkward and uncomfortable it may feel at the time.  Holding bitterness, guilt, resentment and unforgiveness is a slow poison.  We have to heal.  We must heal.  We have to give love the opportunity to do its best work!  That, my friends, is God’s best!  I didn’t say that it will be easy at first, but it can definitely get easier as you realize and embrace God’s best which will always be bigger than our choice to resist the process of healing. You’ll come out a better person.  Sure, there will be those who still give you the raised eyebrow but it’s not about them and it will never be.  This life that we’ve been blessed with is BIG!  It’s HUGE!  Dare to keep moving forward in your purpose…your destiny already has WINNER written all over it!


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