On A Not So Perfect Day, You Can Still Be Amazing

The day that I did this photo shoot turned out to be a rainy day.  I had been looking forward to this day for weeks and pictured in my mind that I would be basking in the glow of a perfect sunny day.  NOT!  Yet, in spite of that, the vision behind the photo shoot itself was much greater than the opposing weather I would face.  As the anticipating weeks turned into being only a few days away from doing the shoot, I kept my eye on the weather forecast.  Seven days away…rain.  Six days away…rain.  Five days away…rain.  Three days away…still calling for rain.  I sent a text message to the photographer because I wanted to know if he was still willing to do the shoot in spite of the weather because I definitely was.  Being the creative photographer that he is, he said “Yes…rain or shine.”  I had not even seen the location that we were going to shoot from until the day of. His wife (by the way, she did the fabulous tribal makeup) works with him too and I trust both of their judgments, so I knew that the location they chose would be on point.  On the day of the shoot, I arrived at the location and absolutely loved it!  Most areas provided enough coverage overhead to protect from the rain.  For the most part, it was a fine, steady misty rain. However, at a couple of moments there were heavier downpours but we were still favored with good coverage.  I was concerned about the moisture causing my fro to shrink but it held up just fine!  At one point during the shoot, I even had an audience of onlookers watching me and cheering me on saying “Girl, you look fabulous!  You better do that!  Love the hair!”


The audience of onlookers caught me by surprise!

This location also had buildings on site where we were able to at least go in the hallways for some great shots.  The only challenge I faced, was not having access to an area to change my wardrobe.  However, the photographer’s wife and I just went back to my car and she covered me from the outside while I changed in the back seat.  LOL!  The bottom line is that I ended up with some amazing photos on a not so perfect day. Everything worked out just fine in spite of the rain.  When you set your mind to do something that you know deep within you must do, then do it. If there’s any opposition, it won’t be strong enough to keep you from the vision you have.  The vision for RaRa’s Style Appeal was reborn when I decided on a not so perfect day that I could still be amazing!

P.S.  RaRa’s Style Appeal is growing with a new team member to be announced this month.  Also, there is a new page on my site called Style Journeys.  Please go visit to see what it’s all about.  You could be featured on my site!


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