RaRa’s New Year Style Challenge: Just Start!

Recently, I came across a quote that said “The start is what stops most people.” Wow…that is so true.  It brought back to my memory a blog article I wrote several years ago for a local fashion boutique newsletter.  I shared what my experience was like when I finally made the decision to start my natural hair journey.  Although, it was something deep inside of me that I knew I wanted to do, I still struggled with the start.  My hair had been chemically relaxed for over twenty-five years and was getting thinner.  I missed my thick hair. For years, I thought the only hope for having the best hair experience was to keep it chemically relaxed.  I had fallen for the okey doke!  But, I could no longer resist the constant nudge in my spirit to liberate my mind and really appreciate what I had labeled as “bad hair” for so many years.  I finally did the big chop in July, 2009 and what waited for me on the other side of my start was such a fulfilling experience.  For the first time, in a long time, I saw me.  I loved my hair!  I loved my beautiful face that went with it and all the rest of me! It sparked in me an intentional mission to discover my own personal style.  People began to notice the change and complimented me often…especially my hair.  That led to me getting the opportunity to be a featured style blogger for women and eventually starting my own virtual style service, RaRa’s Style Appeal.  And to think that it all started when I made the decision to just start.  You can do the same.  It’s the start that will take you into discovering that there’s more to you than you could have ever imagined.  So, now that we’re at the start of a new year, I want to know what is your start?  If you could step out and do just one thing with your style, what would that be?  If you know the answer then that is all you need to start.  I’m challenging you to give yourself permission to have fun and do you.  Just start.  I have a fabulous giveaway for the first person to respond to this challenge.  Just send me a photo and brief story of your “just start” style to rara@rarastyleappeal.com and you’ll receive this:



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