Announcing: The “Style…Be” Series

Today, I am excited to announce the official kick off of my monthly style series called “Style…Be”.  Every month I will announce a new theme and challenge followers to style themselves according to that theme.  For the month of February, the theme is “Style…Be Powerful”.   February is the month we celebrate black history and Feb. 14th is the day we celebrate love.  Black is a powerful color and love is a powerful force.  I’ll be featuring stylish wardrobe creations in all black, as well as sharing some of my favorite Pinterest pins of art and fashion that represent the power that is being celebrated this month about black history and love.  And whether you’re in love with a significant other or not, I’ll share how to love and pamper yourself first.  Again, love is a powerful force, but until you learn to love yourself first, you’ll lack the power to love others the way they deserve to be loved.  So let’s continue to unleash our power in 2016!  I promise you it’s going to be powerful!

Another exciting announcement!  Meet my new Creative Director, LaTanya Jackson!  She is bringing a lot of exciting new ideas to RaRa’s Style Appeal.  So, stay tuned because this is just the beginning!  And, what a coincidence, we both wore black!

FullSizeRender (51)


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