Style…Be Powerful: Love Is Power

The “Style Be” series continues with this week’s focus on the power of love.  While Valentine’s Day is being celebrated this weekend, also take some time to love on yourself whether you are in a relationship or not.  Do something that’s outside of your normal routine…get creative and intentional.  Trying something new with your image like a new hair color, enjoy a one-day art class, or visit a do-it-yourself flower studio to create your own bouquet of flowers.  Whatever you decide to do to love on yourself, after you’re done, write down the experience of it and how it made you feel.  There is something powerful that is released from living outside of your normal routine.  You may discover that you possess a joy for a certain art or craft.  Or your experience might give way to some personal healing from issues that damaged your soul.  It’s an intentional moment to learn more about you and how amazing you already are.  In the end, you will have grown to another level of loving yourself unconditionally and you can then spread that same love to those around you.  Love is power.

This week’s “Style…Be Powerful” challenge is black lace.  Lace is the perfect touch of style for Valentine’s Day.  But I just couldn’t leave out the red of course, so I added a pair of red lace booties for a pop of color.  Again, this month’s “Style…Be” challenge is all about featuring looks in all black in honor of Black History Month.  If you missed the first week’s style challenge you can see it here.  Also, details regarding the items included in this image can be found here.



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