It’s Time to Flourish!

RaRa’s Style Appeal is celebrating the spring season in stylish floral prints. So, the style theme for this month is “Style…Be Flourishing!” which fits perfectly for this season when flowers are flourishing into full bloom.  Flourishing means developing rapidly and successfully; thriving!  Are you ready to flourish in style?  Just like a flower blooms in lavish color and style, I will feature looks to inspire you to bloom into your own unique style for spring.  Do you have an occasion this spring to attend such as a graduation, wedding, or birthday celebration?  Well, this week’s featured item might just be the perfect look.  It’s the floral print pencil skirt.  The pencil skirt is a feminine, classic must-have item for every woman’s wardrobe.  I actually found this particular skirt at a local Goodwill for $5.75.  Yaaayyy!  The yellow ruffled ribbon style trim blouse with sheer mock neck is courtesy of  If you’re ready to flourish in style, then take on the style challenge and create your own look with a fabulous floral pencil skirt.  Email us a photo at and we’ll be glad to feature you on the RRSA’s website and social media.  Stay tuned because I’ll have some more exciting floral print style inspirations coming while we’re still in Spring!

Photographer credit:  Christa Kolb




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